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Identity verification issues

Document upload tips

  • Update your Revolut app to the latest version
  • Make sure the document is clear and readable. Blurry documents won't be accepted
  • Capture the entire document. Don't fold, crop, or exclude any part of the document
  • Upload a photo of the physical document. We can’t accept pictures taken of copies, scans, or device screens

My document has been rejected

To pass the verification, your identity document must meet the following criteria:

  • It's a supported identity document type
  • It isn't handwritten
  • It isn't expired, damaged, or unreadable
  • The personal information on the document matches the information in your Revolut account

If you have a duplicate account, please visit this FAQ for more information.

My verification is pending

We always aim to complete your identity verification as soon as possible. The process may take up to 7 business days. We appreciate your patience during this process.

I don’t have the required document

  • We usually accept more than one identity document type. All supported documents will be listed on the in-app submission screen
  • If you’ve applied for a valid document recently but haven’t received it yet, please contact Revolut Support via the in-app chat, as we might be able to extend the deadline. You may need to provide a confirmation letter

If your documents are expired, invalid, or you don’t provide the supported documents, we may temporarily restrict your account until you can provide a valid document.

If you need help with updating your tax identification number, you can visit this FAQ.