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How do I upgrade my plan?

Eligible Revolut customers can upgrade their plan any time by going to 'Upgrade' under the 'Profile' section of the app, tapping 'Get Plus’, 'Get Premium' or 'Get Metal', and selecting your preferred billing option. Revolut Plus, Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal are 12-month subscriptions, with two payment plans available:

Revolut Plus

  • Monthly payment: 14.99zł
  • Annual payment: 149.99zł

Revolut Premium

  • Monthly payment: 29.99zł
  • Annual payment: 300zł

Revolut Metal

  • Monthly payment: 49.99zł
  • Annual payment: 500zł

For Revolut Premium/Plus customers who upgrade to Revolut Metal:

  • Those on our Monthly plan will upgrade to Metal immediately and your account will be charged for the Metal subscription at next month’s billing date. For example if you signed up to our Monthly Premium Plan on the 1st January; and then upgrade to Metal on the 30th October, you will be charged 49.99zł for the month of November.
  • Those on our Annual Premium plan will be upgraded immediately and your account refunded for any unused month of your existing Premium/Plus subscription. For example if you signed up to our Annual Premium plan on the 1st January; and then upgrade to Metal on the 30th November, you will be refunded 49.99zł for the month of December.

Due to a limited supply of the Metal cards, users wishing to access Revolut Metal might have to reserve a plan in the 'Upgrade' section. Your account will not be charged and will be upgraded as soon as your Metal card is available. If you pre-registered for Metal on the website you have been added to the queue automatically; all you have to do is confirm your billing preference in-app to reveal your queue position! Don’t worry, if you reserve Metal and change your mind later, simply select ‘Remove Me’ on the Metal dashboard to remove yourself from the queue.

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