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Failed crypto deposits or deposits not showing in-app

Failed deposits

Your deposit will be in a failed state if the blockchain rejects the transaction. This can happen if the network fee you paid was too low.

In this event, the blockchain treats this deposit as if it never happened. The funds will be credited back to the wallet you sent them from.

Deposits not appearing 

Below is a list of possible reasons why your deposit may not be appearing in your Revolut app.

Deposit not submitted on blockchain

Once deposits are recorded on the blockchain, they’ll appear in your Revolut app as pending.

If a deposit isn’t showing in-app:

  1. Check the transaction hash with the sending platform (like Metamask or Coinbase)
  2. Use a blockchain scanner to verify submission
  3. Contact the sending platform’s support if you can’t find the transaction hash

If you’re receiving this deposit from a centralised exchange or wallet platform, there may be a time lag between when the transaction is initiated, and when the platform executes it on the blockchain. This varies depending on the sending platform.

Incorrect wallet details

Double-check that the wallet details are correct. Make sure the address matches what’s shown in the 'Receive' section for your currency and network combination in-app.

Using withdrawal addresses instead of deposit addresses can lead to lost funds.

Depositing an unsupported token or using an unsupported network

Deposits via unsupported networks or currencies won’t be processed, and funds won’t be credited. Even though such transactions might appear as completed on the blockchain, Revolut can’t interact with these blockchain entries.

Read this FAQ to learn which tokens and networks are supported.