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Pending crypto deposits

Deposit not confirmed on blockchain

You can check the status of your transaction on blockchain using the transaction hash on the respective blockchain explorer. Find the transaction hash on your source application.

If your transaction is in the 'Confirming' or 'Pending' state for too long, it might be because the network fees paid at the source were lower than they needed to be. Once submitted to blockchain, depending on how busy the blockchain network is, settlement can be instant or take up to 2 hours.

Typically, we allow between 3 and 20 confirmations (depending on the network) to deem a transaction as settled. This number varies depending on the blockchain.

Internal checks

Revolut performs multiple checks on transactions, typically concluding within minutes. However, on rare occasions, during high-volume periods, this process can extend up to 5 working days. Additional information may sometimes be requested to complete these checks.

Deposit is below minimum limit

If your deposit is less than the required minimum, it will stay pending. For details on checking minimum deposit limits, refer to this FAQ.

If your deposit is below this minimum, it won’t be credited and will remain pending in-app. To resolve this, make another deposit of the same cryptocurrency to the same address that will meet or exceed the minimum required.

Once the minimum is met, your account will then be credited with the total balance in one consolidated deposit (without a specified deadline to reach this threshold).

For the latest information on minimum deposits for specific tokens, visit the respective crypto page for the token you want to deposit or refer to our T&Cs.