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Why we may need to close your trading account?

We may need to suspend or close your Trading account under a few different scenarios. Some examples are listed below:

  • Terms & Conditions breach (e.g. we become aware of a breach to our Trading agreement, we may suspend or terminate your account on a temporary or permanent basis)
  • Insufficient Information (e.g. you don't give us the info we need to make sure we comply with our regulatory reporting requirements, and we may temporarily restrict or even closure your Trading account, if we don't get the info on time)
  • Unsupported country (e.g. the country where you live is in a jurisdiction where RSEUAB is unable to provide trading services)

For more info, please check our Trading terms:'Breach Events'.

If we decide to close your Trading account, you'll have 60 days to close any open positions you may have, and close the account. If your trading account isn't closed within the 60 day notice period, we'll have to close it for you. If you have any open positions, they'll be liquidated and cash will be delivered back into your USD retail account, once the orders have settled (usually within two days).