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How can I get the account confirmation statement?

You can download a document showing all your currency accounts and account details. This is useful if you need to prove your business account to authorities or share your account details in one place:

  1. Go to Settings (click on your name at the top left corner of the screen)
  2. Open Account & documentsStatementsAccount Confirmation
  3. Select accounts and date
  4. Generate to get a file or share the statement via email (we highly recommend to protect your document with password)

Documents are downloaded in the language your web app or mobile device is currently set to. To change the language on the web app, go to SettingsApp settingsLanguage → pick a language from the list. Mobile app language can be changed in your device settings.

What if I can't get a statement?

You need permissions to manage accounts to download statements. Ask your account owner or admin to grant you access.