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Submitting documents for a Merchant account

Before you can access our merchant services, you might be asked to provide additional information. 

If you’re asked to provide additional information about you or your business, please go to Merchant tab and click on the banner that requires information.

This information can include: financial statements, past invoices, proof of ownership of your website, operating licences.

Commonly requested documentation

Estimated volume to be processed in the next 12 months

This refers to the projected total amount of card payments your business anticipates handling with Revolut in the upcoming year.

Average order value 

This is the average amount your customers spend on each sale.

Average fulfilment time

This refers to the duration it takes for a business to process an order from the moment it's placed by the customer to the moment it's completed and delivered to the customer.

12 months of processing statements

This refers to a collection of financial records that detail all transactions processed by a business over the course of a year. These statements typically include information such as the date of each transaction, the type of transaction (e.g. credit card sales or refunds), the amount of each transaction, any associated charges or fees, and the total volume of transactions processed during a specific timeframe.

Document requirements and Business terms

If you can’t provide one or more of these documents, additional commercial terms may apply.

Restricted Business models

If your nature of business falls under our list of Restricted business models, you'll be asked to provide special documentation to be reviewed by our team. Your business can only be onboarded with one nature of business.

Prohibited Business models

If your nature of business falls under our list of Prohibited business models, you won’t be able to open a Merchant account.