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I haven't received a transfer

Check timeframes

Check the expected timeframes — weekends and holidays can cause delays in processing. Usually, transfers are completed within 5 business days.

Check your other accounts

If the timeframe has passed, check your other currency accounts in case the transfer arrived in a different currency than expected. To do this, go to 'Transactions' history and look for the transfer.

Transfer is pending in your Revolut Business account

If your account or transfer is being reviewed for any reason, transfers may have been temporarily restricted or take slightly longer. To check if we are reviewing your account or transfer, go to your 'Home' screen and see if you have a banner that requires action. Click on the banner and submit any information requested — we'll review it in 24 hours.

Can't find transfer after timeframe has passed

  1. Ask the sender for a transfer confirmation and check if the details match your account details
  2. Request the sender to trace the transfer through their bank, as only the initiating bank can enquire about missing payments
  3. If the sending bank confirms the transfer has arrived, complete our locate an incoming transfer form and provide the transfer confirmation document, so we can help