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How to schedule recurring payments?

Recurring payments are payments you can set up to repeat either monthly, weekly or, using a mobile app, daily. For monthly payments scheduled at the end of the month: if the current month has less days, the payment will be sent at the last day of the month.

To set up a recurring payment:

  • Go to Payments, then the Scheduled tab.
  • Click Add new, then Schedule payment.
  • Choose your beneficiary and amount.
  • Click on the calendar icon next to Continue.
  • Choose the date and then Repeat. You'll be able to choose your preferences here.

If you have added beneficiary's email address while creating a recipient, an email notification will be sent automatically to the beneficiary. Add email to your counterparty in Transfers tab.

On the Scheduled tab you can also view and delete your scheduled transfers. You can't edit a scheduled payment - delete it first and schedule another payment.

All recurring payments need to have a payment reference and, if the transfer fails (i.e. you don’t have enough funds in the currency pocket that you’ve chosen) you’ll have to process it manually.