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My card deposit failed

When your card deposit fails, you can try another top up method to add money to your account. For example, by Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank transfer, or using another card.

Common reasons why card deposits fail:

Exceeded daily or weekly limits:

Limits apply to card deposits. Local rules and regulations may also impose a deposit limit and exceeding those limits may cause your card deposit top-up to fail. Read this FAQ to find out more about card deposit limits.

Failed 3D Secure:

The deposit wasn’t authenticated with your bank. This is usually done through a notification to you from your banking app or a one-time password sent to you via text message.

External bank decline:

Your bank has declined this transaction. You can contact your bank for more information, or read this article on what you can do when this happens. 

Insufficient balance:

You don’t have enough money in the account you’re trying to top up from.

Technical issues:

These are usually temporary and, in this case, you should try to top up again later. In the meantime, you can always try to add money using another card or method.

How to check why your deposit failed:

  1. From your 'Home' tab, go to your 'Transaction history'
  2. Tap the failed deposit
  3. Tap 'Get help' at the bottom of the screen for troubleshooting steps and more information

Alternatively, contact our Chat Support team.