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I haven’t received my RevPoints

You can see how many RevPoints were granted to you by checking a specific transaction in your app. Points will be visible when the transaction is completed, which usually happens within the first 48h after the payment.

We don't grant RevPoints for certain types of transactions if doing so would break any law or regulation, or if the payment you make with your Revolut card is to another account or payment card (such as another bank account or a credit card). Also, there is a list of merchant types that are not entitled to generate RevPoints.

If the RevPoints amount is blank on a transaction, it means this type of payment was included in the above limitations and didn't generate RevPoints.

👉 Excluded merchant types:

  • financial services, payment services, or any other liquid or cash-like services;
  • cigar and tobacco purchases;
  • tax, fines, penalties, support payments, or other payments to or required by a government or judicial entity;
  • lotteries or gambling;
  • utilities;
  • charitable, religious and educational organisations.