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What are the covered reasons to get 100% reimbursement for trip & event cancellation?

Trip & Event Cancellation Protection is available for Revolut Ultra plan customers only.

This is just an overview of the insurance policy conditions. For full details of covered reasons for 100% reimbursement, please check the Term and Conditions. You can find a summary below:

Health issues

  • Illness or injury (including COVID) of a policyholder or a travel companion.
  • Family member (not travelling) illness or injury (including COVID).
  • Death of a policyholder, a companion or a service animal.
  • Policyholder or a travel companion quarantine.
  • Policyholder or a companion is medically unable to receive immunisation required to enter the destination.

Residential & Employment

  • Policyholder or a companion is laid off.
  • Policyholder's primary residence becomes uninhabitable.
  • Policyholder or a companion secures new permanent employment after booking date.
  • Policyholder's or a travel companion's residence is moved more than 150 km by the current employer.

Travel related problem

  • Travel carrier can't bring you to the desired destination for at least 24 consecutive hours from the original scheduled arrival time.
  • Policyholder's or a companion's documentation is stolen.
  • Traffic accident on the departure date.

Military Duty, Legal or Adoption Proceeding

  • Policyholder or a companion is called for duty / adoption proceeding.
  • Policyholder or a companion acting as first responder is called in for duty.
  • Policyholder, a travel companion or a family member serving in the armed forces is reassigned or has personal leave status change.

You can access T&Cs in the app by going to Lifestyle → Insure → select a type → All Documents.