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What information is required to make a claim?

Trip & event cancellation protection is available for Revolut Ultra plan customers only.

This is just an overview of the insurance policy conditions.

You can check your insurance policy in-app, by going to Lifestyle → Insure → select a type → All Documents.

For trip & event cancellation you'll be required to provide:

For all claim types:

  • Original receipt from the retailer
  • Proof that you requested the cancellation
  • Proof of cancellation (if applicable)
  • Other documents if required

Providing supporting documents is mandatory if you're cancelling for a specific reason.

Please check a list of examples below:

  • Serious bodily injury or serious sickness: initial medical certificate specifying the date and nature of the accident or sickness.
  • Contagious disease: medical certificate specifying that quarantine is requested, or copy of the results of the contagious disease test.
  • Event of death: copy of the death certificate.
  • Quarantine: copy of the official document (such as directive) specifically designating you or your trip companion to be placed in quarantine due to an epidemic or pandemic.
  • Childbirth: copy of the birth certificate.
  • Redundancy: copy of the notification by your company, stating the reason for the redundancy, and proof of the type of contract you held with your employer, and proof of the date since when you were employed by the employer (exact date required).
  • Traffic accident: copy of the breakdown/towing invoice/report for the vehicle. Copy of a medical report if any medical attention is required.
  • Theft of identity papers or theft of the covered ticket(s): copy of the police report. Any document showing your efforts to replace the stolen documents.