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Withdraw cash from an ATM

How to withdraw cash

  1. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account
  2. Check your Revolut app to make sure the physical card you want to use is active, cash withdrawals are enabled, and you know your card's PIN
  3. Locate an ATM and follow the instructions to complete your withdrawal

If you are unsure about your card status or settings, tap on it in your cards list to manage. If the ATM supports contactless withdrawals, you cannot use a virtual card, only your physical card or the digital wallet version of a physical card.

Read about cash withdrawal fees and limits in this FAQ.

If your withdrawal was declined, learn more in this FAQ in our Help Centre.

How to find an ATM

  1. Open the Revolut mobile app
  2. Tap the cards icon in the top-right corner
  3. At the bottom, tap 'Find ATMs nearby'