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I was overcharged while making a payment via PayPal

If you remember paying via PayPal in one currency, such as EUR, but your Revolut account was charged in another currency, like USD, it's possible that a few exchanges took place:

  • PayPal converted the purchase amount from EUR to USD (at their own exchange rate) and sent a request to Revolut for a USD payment.
  • If at this point you didn't have enough USD in your Revolut account, we may have had to charge another pocket (e.g., EUR), which would involve an exchange on our end.

This could result in two conversions: one by PayPal (EUR to USD) and then another by Revolut (USD to EUR), which were then deducted from your EUR balance.

How can you prevent this from happening again?

You can change the card's main currency. To do that, go to Wallet > Select the card and choose the currency of the card.

Another way is to make sure the currency conversion is made by the card issuer (us, Revolut) following these steps:

• During the checkout, select to make the payment with your Revolut card.

• Tap on "View currency conversion options".

• Select the original transaction currency (you will see the message in red: "Your card issuer will determine the currency conversion rate and what fees they may charge."). Check your statement for the final amount > Click the "Pay in X" (where X is the currency of the seller) button.

All done! You will see the same amount paid on your Revolut’s transaction history if the payment was successful.

Note: As this is a setting within your PayPal account, please contact PayPal if you have any difficulty changing it.