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Payment declined by security system

We have an automated security system set in place to prevent fraudulent card transactions, which automatically declines the transaction and blocks the card at the same time.

There's nothing to be worried about though, your account's functionality isn't affected, only the card gets frozen so that you could additionally authorize the payment.

If you see that your payment was declined due to security reasons and the card is blocked, simply find this payment in your transactions list - you will see an option to confirm it there. If you press the button that you recognize the payment, your card will be unblocked automatically and our system shouldn't decline future transactions to this merchant.

However, if you select another option that you do not recognize this payment, your card will be terminated. All future payments to this merchant should be blocked as well.

If your card was cancelled by mistake, by either a misclick or you recognized the payment afterwards, please fill out the form, so our agents can reactivate your card.

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