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How does the Analytics feature work?

Revolut analytics is a unique feature that allows you see all your expenses from different accounts in one place. It aggregates your spending and committed spending (scheduled payments and bills) from all your Revolut.

With the Analytics feature you will be able to:

  • See an overview of your finances and track current spending breakdown on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly level.
  • Set budgets and keep track of your spending.
  • Compare your monthly, weekly or yearly spending to previous periods.
  • Understand exactly which categories you're spending in, the amount you spend with specific merchants and the places you spend in at a given period.
  • Create a custom category and assign specific transactions to it.
  • Add transactions to specific categories.
  • Link payments when using the 'split bills' feature. For example, if you paid 20 for your friend's and your lunch and he transfers you 10 for that lunch you could link the transfer to your expense so that your net expense accounted for is 10 instead of 20.

Start taking advantage of this feature and managing your financials by going to the 'Analytics' section by clicking on the graph icon in the top-right corner of your 'Home Accounts' tab or by scrolling down on your 'Home Accounts' tab and tapping on the spending tile.

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