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Why might my currency order fail or not execute?

There are several reasons why your orders might fail, here are the most common:

Low balances

At the time an order will be triggered it's necessary to have sufficient balance in your account. If there is not enough balance, the order will be failed and cancelled, and, it will be necessary to add the necessary funds and create a new order.

Daily exchange limit

For security reasons we limit the amount of exchanges/orders to 30 in a 24-hour period. If an order is triggered and you have exceeded this limit, it will fail and you will need to wait for the next day before creating a new one.

Crypto transaction amount limit

For security reasons only €15,000 worth of crypto can be exchanged in any individual exchange. If you attempt to exchange more than this amount the order will fail.

Locked account

If your account is locked for any reason, for security reasons orders are not executed until your account is unlocked. Once unlocked, your order will be executed the next time the specified rate for the pair is reached. You would not need to re-submit it.

Deactivated Currency Account

If you set up an exchange order for a currency, and the specific currency account hasn't been created or was deactivated, the order will fail and will be cancelled. Please make sure the currency account is open. Check this FAQ to learn more about opening new currency accounts.

Price slippage

Slippage only applies to the order types: market order and stop order, which are executed at the market rate. In a very volatile market, the current rate of the currency pair might have moved significantly in between the time your order level is hit, and the time the execution is attempted, even though this time window is very small. In this case, execution will not occur if the current rate has moved more than 0.75% for fiat or 5.0% for crypto from either side of your target value. Order execution will be attempted again once your target value is hit again by the current rate.

If the market is particularly volatile, your target value might have shifted in the brief window between the target value being hit, and the exchange being performed. If the rate moves more than 0.75% on either side of your target value for fiat currencies, we won’t carry out your order. Once your target value hits again, we’ll re-attempt the exchange.

Also, it's possible the currency exchange rate you're trying to set up is changing so significantly, that by the time it actually reaches the desired rate, it has already changed. In that case, we might not perform the exchange.