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When can I trade?

Orders can be placed at any time, but will only be eligible for execution within regular trading hours.

For US securities these are Monday to Friday 9:30am EST – 4pm EST or the extended hours trading sessions (4pm – 9:30am EST for pre-market and 4pm – 8pm EST for after hours trading), unless there's a market holiday. 

For European securities, your orders will be executed from Monday to Friday 8am–9pm CET, unless there’s a market holiday.

Orders placed outside these sessions will be made in the next available regular trading session, unless Extended Hours are enabled for the order. Currently, this feature is only live for Limit orders placed for whole shares of US-listed securities. For more information, please see our Extended Hours FAQ.

Stop Orders and Market Orders can be placed at any time, but will only be executed during regular trading hours, and when the conditions of the order are met. Limit orders can be queued for extended trading hours, and regular trading hours.