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What is Trading Pro?

Trading Pro is an add-on you can apply on top of your Revolut plan, giving you access to premium trading features and discounted stock commission fees.

Your add-on benefits include:

  • A discounted stock commission fee of 0.12% (instead of 0.25%), and no minimum fees;
  • Higher order limits up to $1,500,000 on US stocks and €1,500,000 on EU stocks and ETFs (max 50,000 shares);
  • Advanced analytics;
  • Trading Terminal (you can read more about it here);
  • Dedicated customer support.

The Trading Pro add-on is a monthly subscription, which you can try out for free for 30 calendar days. For more information, please see the section 3 'Information about your subscription' of the Trading Pro T&Cs.

Ultra users can enjoy Trading Pro for free as part of their plan.

Simply go to 'Invest' → 'More' → 'Trading Pro' add-on.