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What does auto-sync do in the HR integration?

Automatically syncing your team members with the HR integration saves you from time-consuming manual data input. To set up 'auto-sync' with your HR software, you first need to connect the integration.

Here's what it does with your team's data:

  • Matches your team members Revolut profiles with the ones in your HR software based on the email addresses used. Any matching team member will be synced, regardless of how and when they were invited.
  • Keeps accurate data: team members information on Revolut Business will be automatically kept up-to-date with data from your HR software by syncing with it every few hours
  • Only syncs relevant data: we'll sync only the information you need for each team member (Manager, Team)
  • Suspends accounts automatically: if anyone is removed from your HR software, their access to Revolut Business will be suspended automatically (for connections set up by admins of your HR software).
  • Gives you visibility: In each team member's profile page, you'll see whether they're synced to your HR software

To enable auto-sync after connecting your HR software:

  1. Make sure you have the Manage team members and Manage Integrations permissions to proceed.
  2. Go to Team tab → Settings → click Finish setup next to the HR integration banner.
  3. In the HR integration page displayed, click Finish setup.
  4. Click Enable auto-sync.


  • Enabling auto-sync is necessary to fully set up the HR integration. If not enabled, the integration will be connected, but you won’t be able to use it to invite or sync team members.
  • When enabled, this will override manual adjustments you make to synced data.

We currently support integrations with Google Workspace, but are working to support new ones in the future.