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What are virtual cards?

Virtual cards are digital-only cards with unique 16-digit card numbers, expiry dates, and CVV codes. They aren't a digital version of your physical card, but a separate one entirely. Virtual cards are most commonly used for online payments, but you can also add them to your Apple and Google Pay wallets to pay offline.

Extra control

Using virtual cards gives you additional layer of control. You can use one virtual card per each merchant which keeps your real card number protected and give you full control over which merchants can currently charge you. Most of our customers will typically create separate cards for suppliers they use (i.e. Amazon AWS, Google Ads etc). If you want one of those merchants to stop paying, you can simply freeze that card.

Extra security

Using separate virtual cards with new suppliers gives you an extra layer of confidence because they protect you from scammers. When you use a separate virtual card, people can't get ahold of the card details connected to the funds in your Revolut Business account.