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How can I set payment approval rules?

Payment approval rules give you extra control over money transfers your team make. This feature is available on paid plans only. Team members still require permission to 'Make or schedule payments for accessible accounts' in order to create a transfer, even if they have approval.

To manage your approvals, go to Home > Team > Approvals. To create rules, you'll need 'Team' permissions to 'invite and manage team members'. To approve transfers, you must also have permission to 'Make or schedule payments for accessible accounts'.

  • Create a new approval with the '+ new approval' button
  • Edit your already set approvals by clicking on them

You can add multiple rules to a single approval, and assign several team members to it. For instance, payments greater than 100 GBP must be approved by one person with the 'accountant' role, but a payment over 1,000 GBP require two approvals from 'admins' or 'owner' roles.

Another handy option is to duplicate the approval by clicking 'Save a copy.' A new approval will be created with the same rules, which you can now edit to your needs.

Additionally, an approval that is set as default will be added to all new team members. Approvals assigned to team members can be seen by selecting their profiles in the 'Team' tab.