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What should I do if a transfer doesn't arrive in my Revolut Business account?

If one of your transfers doesn't arrive in your Revolut Business account, please try the following steps:

  1. Check the expected timeframes. Transfers can take different amounts of time to arrive and transactions may not be processed during the weekends or holidays
  2. Transfer may have been received into a different currency account - go to the Dashboard and, next to transactions, click 'See all' and look for the transfer
  3. Ask the sender to provide you with a transfer confirmation. Check if the details on the transfer confirmation match your account details. If the details don't match, ask the sender to contact the sending bank for assistance
  4. Ask the sender to trace the transfer from the sending bank end. The bank that initiated the payment is the only one that can initiate an official inquiry regarding the missing payment
  5. If the sending bank located the transfer within the destination, contact support via chat
  6. Funds received into the Merchant account need to be withdrawn from Merchant currency accounts, which could be pending for up to 2 weeks. See how to withdraw money from a Merchant account
  7. Transfers may have been temporarily restricted in your account if your account is under review. To check the status of your account review, go to your application requests in your Home screen. To know more about the restrictions, visit My account is restricted, what should I do FAQ

When you fill out the form, we’ll need the trace resolution that you obtained from the sending bank, and either a payment confirmation or a SWIFT MT103 confirmation from the sending bank, containing the Revolut Business account details used, as well as the date, amount, and sender’s details.

Why is Revolut not able to perform this investigation?

As the intended recipient of the payment, Revolut Business has a limited ability to investigate non-received payments. We don't have information about the banks involved in the payment, and may not have a relationship with them.

It's important to note that international payments often involve multiple banks before reaching a Revolut Business account. So, the only institution that can initiate an investigation is the sending bank that selected the payment route.

If a recipient hasn't received a transfer from your Revolut Business account, visit What can I do if the recipient hasn't received my transfer FAQ.