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What's a SWIFT transfer and how do I send one?

SWIFT payments are a type of international transfer sent via the SWIFT international payment network, one of the largest financial messaging systems in the world. You can send and receive SWIFT payments using your Revolut Business account.

Here's how to make a SWIFT transfer:

  • Simply click 'Send' on your Business account Home page
  • Click the plus sign (+) to add a new counterparty OR select one from the list
  • Follow the steps on-screen

SWIFT transfers are usually sent using IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code. If input fields request a different type of information (i.e. account number), this is likely a better (faster or cheaper) option available, and you should use the account number instead.

There is no maximum amount limit for SWIFT transfers on your Revolut Business account.

SWIFT transfer fees are listed in Revolut Business fees page. Some transfers are eligible for Guaranteed SWIFT OUR feature, which you can learn more about here.

The same applies to receive a SWIFT transfer.

If you have any troubles with the transfer, please reach out and submit a support request.