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Multi-currency IBAN

Instant unique account details in your business's name to enable international payments: UAE Dirham (AED), Australian dollar (AUD), Bulgarian lev (BGN), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Czech koruna (CZK), Danish krone (DKK), euro (EUR), British pound sterling (GBP), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Hungarian forint (HUF), Israeli new shekel (ILS), Icelandic krona (ISK), Japanese yen (JPY), Mexican peso (MXN), Norwegian krone (NOK), New Zealand dollar (NZD), Polish zloty (PLN), Qatari rial (QAR), Romanian leu (RON), Serbian dinar (RSD), Saudi riyal (SAR), Swedish krona (SEK), Singapore dollar (SGD), Thailand baht (THB), Turkish lira (TRY), US dollar (USD) and South African rand (ZAR). Find your account details.

Why do I have the same IBAN for more than one currency account?

The reason you are able to operate in 25+ currencies from day one is because what we offer you is called a multi-currency IBAN, i.e. one IBAN that can accept funds in 25+ currencies. When funds are received by us, we check the currency of the transfer, and place the money in the correct currency account associated with the IBAN without doing any FX exchange. This way, we help you save money by minimising FX costs.

To create a new currency account, see here. A new account for the same currency will generate another IBAN.