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Corporate structure verification failed or stuck

You can find the reason your business failed its verification in the Home tab on the 'Requires action' banner under the 'Corporate Structure' section.

Common reasons your corporate structure may fail verification

  • Details of your directors or shareholders (full names, shares, and voting rights percentages) in application don’t match details in the official registry
  • Details of your directors or shareholders don’t match within the certified documents provided
  • Documents are outdated and don’t meet the validity requirements to verify your directors or shareholder structure
  • Documents don't list all the names of directors or shareholders. Make sure to include all layers of ownership structure that lead up to a significant beneficial owner (>25% ownership)
  • Documents are missing certification

Corporate structure section says 'Verifying' and hasn't changed for more than 2 business days

This can happen for a series of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are: 

  • Some directors and shareholders haven’t provided all details yet. Ask them to look for an email invitation in their inbox
  • Our team is carefully reviewing the structure. In case of complex structures, it may take extra time to verify all layers of the structure