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How to prove nature of business as a holding company?

If you're applying for a Revolut Business account for a holding company, you'll need to to prove the nature of business by providing one of the following:

  • A full list of the company's subsidiaries of which your business has ownership of at least 25%. This list must also include a description of nature of business, country of incorporation and a proof of their nature of business (i.e. website address, regulatory verification or other document listed here) for each subsidiary listed
  • A written declaration that there are no subsidiaries yet, or none within the 25% threshold
  • Any other supporting proof of the nature of business for any companies mentioned here

Kindly upload the document directly into your application menu. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to verify the documents and respond to you. Since each business is different, we might reject the document you've provided and ask for other type of proof.

If you experience any issues passing the nature of business section, submit a support request with as much information as possible and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.