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How can I pass ownership of my account to another person in the company?

Each Revolut Business account has one account owner. The applying person, or applicant, automatically becomes the owner of the account. This person will also serve as a main contact in case we might need to reach out to you. Transferring ownership of our Revolut Business account is easy*.

If the new owner is already an admin of the account, this admin needs to:

  • Go to Home menu
  • Open Team tab
  • Select current owner's profile
  • Select Delete team member (terminated profiles can always be reinvited back)
  • Choose from a list of team members who will become the new sole account owner

If the new owner is not on your Business account yet, invite the new owner and give them 'Admin' permissions when creating their profile. Then, follow steps above.

*Note: if you have not completed the application process yet, you can't switch the owner. You'll need to close your Business account application (click here) and start a new one — this time, the correct applicant should begin the process.