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Why is my Merchant account blocked?

We might limit parts of your Merchant account based on our monitoring controls and depending on your business activities and transaction patterns. 

These checks are mandatory and help us comply with regulations and develop a secure payments ecosystem. Restrictions may be placed on your account, including being able to withdraw funds from your Merchant account to your main Revolut Business account, or in rare cases, on your ability to accept payments in your Merchant account. These limitations don't affect your Revolut Business account and can be lifted by providing the information we need.

  • Check if you've been asked to provide any information by checking the Information request tab in the Revolut Business web or mobile app or look for a ‘We need some information’ banner at the top of your Dashboard.
  • If your Merchant account has been blocked because of specific transactions, we might ask for an invoice, Proof of Fulfilment, or similar documents.
  • Providing the documents will allow us to verify your account, lift any restrictions, and get your account back to normal.
  • Your Merchant account might be restricted if you’ve performed test transactions with your Revolut Business card. This event is called self-carding and it’s not allowed. If you want to test some transactions, we recommend you to use your personal card and make some low-value transactions (below €5/£5).