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How do I transfer money to my Revolut account from another bank account?

First you need to have your External Account set up. We require this in order to comply with the Account Limits imposed on us under the Payments Services Act. If you have more than SGD5,000 in your Revolut Wallet at the end of the day, the excess will be swept into this account.You can find your local account details by going to your 'Home' tab and choosing your Singapore Dollar account. Select '...' to see more and click on 'Details'.

Adding SGD: Use your unique local account details to transfer from any Bank that supports FAST in Singapore.Enter 885-111 followed by your unique 9-digit account number, then select DBS from the drop-down list of FAST supported bank. If you're asked for a SWIFT BIC Code, you can use DBSSSGSG.

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