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I am getting charged for a subscription I blocked or I was not aware I was signing up for

Head to Upcoming Transactions:

✅ If the subscription is visible, select the upcoming payment → click 'Block future payments'

Blocking subscription in Revolut is only preventing a specific subscription amount from being charged.

It does not:

  • Cancel your agreement with the merchant
  • Prevent merchant from charging a different amount
  • Prevent merchant from applying the charge to a different payment method you have stored with them

👉 You must contact the merchant to make sure the subscription is cancelled.

❌ If the subscription is not visible or you need any other help:

  1. Open the payment details from your Past Transactions
  2. Scroll down and select 'Get help'
  3. Select the most relevant option

If you see a pending transaction for the subscription you already cancelled, please try to contact the merchant to clarify it.

👉 Find out the transaction release date by going to Transactions → tap on the payment → check payment status.