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Why can’t I use my card?

How to check if your card is active:

  1. Head to the 'Cards' section in the top right of your home screen
  2. Select the card
  3. If you exceeded the PIN or CVV tries, tap 'Settings' then 'Unblock PIN/CVV'
  4. For contactless payments, tap 'Settings' and check if contactless payments are active
  5. If you don't see the card in the list, it may mean your card has been terminated. You may be able to reactivate it, based on certain conditions. Read more in this article.

How to proceed if your card is blocked:

  • If the card block was due to a card payment (insufficient funds, exceeded PIN tries), the reason will be visible in the transaction history 
  • If your card is blocked by our security system, easily activate it in the 'Cards' section. Read more about transactions declined by the security system in this article
  • If you don’t recognise the payment, keep the card blocked and, if necessary, order a new one (fees may apply)

How to unfreeze my card:

  1. Head to the 'Cards' section
  2. If you can see the option to 'Unfreeze' the card above the transactions list, it means that the card was blocked
  3. You can easily activate it in the same section of the app by tapping on 'Unfreeze' (the icon resembling ice)

Please know that our security system is designed to keep your account safe. If we detect any activity that seems unusual, we'll notify you to review the payment. This gives you the opportunity to carefully review the transaction. Whether you recognise the payment or not, rest assured, you have the control to block or unblock the card as needed.

If you have questions regarding Revolut <18 card, please check the FAQ section on Revolut <18 cards.