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Card Security Settings

Go to Cards section, by tapping the card icon in the top right → select the card and tap on ⚙️"Settings" to adjust the settings for each of your cards at any time.

Online transactions

Block internet-based transactions to add extra security. In person physical card payments using and Apple or Google Pay transactions will not be affected.

Location-based security

If this setting is turned on, Revolut will use your phone’s GPS to help prevent fraudulent transactions. Location sharing must be allowed. Check this FAQ to learn more about location-based security.

Swipe payments

Disable mag-stripe/swipe payments to prevent fraudulent transactions or cloning. This will limit your card to chip and pin or contactless.

ATM withdrawal

Disabling ATM withdrawals will block all cash withdrawal attempts.

Contactless payments

Disable contactless payments for your physical card. Mobile wallets like Apple or Google will still work.

Contactless payments limit

Revolut keeps your account safe by creating a limit for contactless payments. You can reset this limit by using chip and PIN or tapping on "Reset limit" in the ⚙️ "Settings" section of your card.