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Why aren’t my contactless payments working?

If you don’t see the transaction in-app, read here about invisible transactions.

Check the card is activated

Select the card from Cards and tap 'Activate card' and enter your Revolut card number. Then retry paying.

Check contactless option is enabled

Select the card from Cards and check the contactless switch in 'Settings' is turned on.

Reset the contactless limit

If you’ve exceeded the limit, you can reset it by selecting the card from Cards → 'Settings' → 'Reset limit', or by making a Chip and PIN payment

If you used  Apple or Google Pay

Re-add the card to Apple or Google Pay or create a new virtual card, which you can add. Then re-try the payment.

Check for card damage

If the physical card is damaged or worn out, it may not work. You can order a replacement by selecting it in Cards and tapping 'Replace card'.