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How does cashback with Metal plan work?

Metal cashback is exclusive to the Metal Plan. You'll receive it to a vault once your payment is complete. You can earn cashback in one currency only. If you decide to change the currency of your metal cashback , we will withdraw all cashback from the vault to your main account. After the vault is emptied, its currency will be changed so you can start earning metal cashback in the desired currency.

You can earn it when you shop using your physical or virtual card with eligible merchants.

Cashback % depends on the location (country) where the merchant is based, which may be different to the location of a payment.

Monthly cashback cap per rolling month equals the price of monthly Metal plan subscription(up to a maximum of S$19.99).

Earn 1,5% on domestic and international purchases.

📝 Excluded merchant types:

  • financial services, payment services, or any other liquid or cash-like services;
  • cigar and tobacco purchases;
  • tax, fines, penalties, support payments, or other payments to or required by a government or judicial entity;
  • lotteries or gambling;
  • utilities;
  • charitable, religious and educational organisations.

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