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How do we hold Precious Metals?

Precious Metals are held in a single account in Revolut’s name, with our trusted services partner. So when you 'purchase a precious metal' you are actually obtaining 'exposure' to what is held in Revolut’s Precious Metals account.

What difference does it make for me?

It means you don't literally 'own' the precious metal – instead, the value of your 'exposure' goes up and down as the value of the precious metal does. For investment purposes, then, it's pretty much as if you do own the precious metals, but you can’t send your gold or silver externally outside your Revolut Account or have the physical gold or silver delivered to you. It also means that if Revolut were ever to become insolvent, Revolut will sell all Precious Metals it holds on your behalf and credit your e-money account with the corresponding amount in fiat currency.