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My card payment was reverted

Reverted payments

If you see a reverted payment, or a transaction changes from pending to reverted, it means the merchant has either decided to cancel a payment or didn't claim the funds within the allocated time. Please get in touch with the merchant to find out why they may have cancelled the transaction.

The payment can't be re-attempted from our system.

Delayed payments

If you've already received the goods or services, the merchant can still claim the money via a separate transaction, or charge you in the following few days. If that happens, the payment will appear in your app as a 'delayed payment'. Learn more about delayed transactions in this FAQ.

Will I get a refund?

If you're expecting a refund and the transaction was reverted, you won't be refunded separately, as you weren't charged in the first place. A reverted payment reverses the initial charge to your card.