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Audit requests

You can share your business statements with your auditor straight from your account, if you have "View all accounts and their balances permissions" permissions granted for your profile.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ (click your account picture in the top left corner)
  • Open ‘Statements
  • Select ‘Audit confirmation’
  • Click ‘Share statement’
  • Enter your auditor’s email
  • Choose a password to protect your file – we highly recommend doing this
  • Click ‘Share’ – your auditor will then get a ZIP file with a password-protected PDF (remember to share the password with them too)

The audit will then be considered official. We’ll send the documents to your auditor directly from our email, so you don’t need to stamp or sign them, nor do we.

If you want to send your account confirmation or statement of balances too, just repeat the same steps.

A note for auditors:

When asking for an audit, please get in touch with the company itself – no need to contact us for that. Thanks!