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What is a linked business account to a Merchant account?

Each merchant account has a linked Revolut Business account. This helps you to move funds from your merchant account to your business account. It can also be used to pay for refunds, chargebacks and fees if your merchant account balance is too low.

You can configure automatic withdrawals to have your available funds automatically transferred to your linked account at the end of each day. Click here to find out how.

You can select a linked business account associated with the your Merchant Account by doing the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Merchant tab in the Home menu
  • Click on your total balance to select the currency account you want to link to your business account
  • Open the Details, then select the linked business account on that page

If you don't see your currency account in 'Linked account' list, you may not have created one. See here for instructions on how to create a new currency account.