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Why do I need to submit a selfie or a video selfie?

Revolut uses selfie or video selfie data to verify your identity when you create a new account with us. Selfie checks are a standard part of our security processes and are a requirement for all new joiners.

Selfies allow us to double-check new customers are who they claim to be. This helps us to:

  • Validate your identity and make sure no one else is trying to open an account in your name.
  • Keep fraudsters from opening accounts, making Revolut safer for everyone.
  • Match information against your identity document (passport, driving licence, or National ID).
  • Add an extra layer of security to your account — if you ever lose access to your account, selfie checks allow us to make sure you’re the only one who can gain access again.

All video selfie data is encrypted and stored securely by Revolut.