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How do I split an expense?

Some of your transactions may contain multiple items with their own tax rates, or each might belong to a different accounting category. In these cases, you can split your expense in up to 10 parts to report each properly.

To split your expense:

  1. Go to Expenses
  2. Select the expense
  3. Click on Split expense
  4. Add as many splits as you need to, fill the split amounts, and save
  5. You can then enter the expense category and tax rate of each split, before submitting your expense

To edit the split, select the expense and click on Edit split.

To remove the split, select the expense and click on Undo expense split

Don’t see the option to split your expenses?

  • If expense category and tax rate aren’t required fields, you won’t be able to split your expense unless you have the Manage Expense permission. Team members with the permission Enrolled in Expenses can only view required fields.
  • Expenses can only be split as long as they’re not Completed. Admins can click on Revert decision to reset expenses back to the Expense info required state and apply a split.

If approvals (non-Basic plans only) are enabled, reviewers can also split the expense while the expense is Pending review.