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Inviting new team members

You can invite as many people to join your Revolut Business account as you want. To add a new team member:

  1. Go to Home menu TeamInvite
  2. Enter the email addresses of members you want to send invitations to. Email addresses must not be registered with any other Revolut Business account. If you receive an error, please tell the invitee to contact us or complete a support request here
  3. Choose your invitee's role within your account and manage their permissions when creating their profile
  • You'll also be able to manage permissions in the future by going to Team menu and selecting the profile you’d like to edit.
  • The five default roles Owner, Admin, Accountant, Viewer, Member and their permissions can’t be changed. If you want to customise your team members’ permissions, find out how to assign a custom role to a team member here.
  • Based on the permissions assigned to the team members you've invited, they may need to verify their identity. See more details about what's involved here.

You can also Block or Delete a team member if necessary:

  1. Go to Home menu → Team
  2. Select a profile
  3. Hit Block or Delete
  • Blocked team members won't have access to your account, but will still appear on the members list in your Team page in-app. Their status will be 'Terminated'.
  • Deleted team members will be permanently removed from your Business account. You can invite them to re-join, but their cards won't work.