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Where can I find my transactions statement?

You can download a statement for transactions of any type, status, time period and more. To download your transactions statement:

  • Go to Settings (click on your name at the top left of the screen)
  • Open Statements page
  • Select transaction statements
  • Apply or remove filters
  • Click download button at the top to get a statement
  • You can choose PDF or CSV file
  • You have an option to "share" the statement via email (we highly recommend to protect your document with password)

You can also download statements from your Dashboard:

  • Go to your Dashboard tab
  • Click the three dots (...) button to open the overflow menu
  • Select Statements
  • Select transaction statements

The document is downloaded in the language your web app or mobile device is currently set to. To change the language on the web app, go to Settings page → scroll down to Location → select language. Mobile app language can be changed in your device settings.

What if I can't get a statement?

If you are unable to get statement, please raise a support request here.

Note: you need permissions to add, remove and manage accounts to download statements. Ask your account owner or admin to grant you access.