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Exchanging currencies

How to exchange currencies?

To exchange funds between any of your currency accounts:

  • Go to your Home dashboard;
  • Click on the Exchange button;
  • Select your desired currencies and amounts.

If you do not have that currency account yet, see here for instructions to add one.

Exchange fees

A 0.6% fee is applied to any exchange above your free allowance according to your plan.

On market hours (18EST Sun to 17EST Fri)

  • No fees

Out of market hours (17EST Fri to 18EST Sun) we fix the rate we provide to protect ourselves against fluctuations, this means:

  • 1% fee applies to all currency exchanges

About exchange rates

The exchange rate is constantly fluctuating. You’ll receive the amount of funds in consonance with the rate that was live at the moment that you locked the exchange. The rate that we lock in for the weekend may not be the same as the rate that is available when the markets open on Monday morning. To see the exchange rates, visit:

For incoming transfers, different fees may apply. See transfer fees.