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How to create a transfer recipient?

Send a transfer to a new recipient

  1. Go to 'Transfers' or 'Home' 
  2. Click 'Send'
  3. Click the 'New' button
  4. Choose business or individual
  5. Select recipient's country and currency
  6. Enter required account details

Make sure you always double-check the recipient's account details. Details may vary depending on the currency of the transfer. Once the status of your transfer changes to completed, it can't be cancelled.

Add a new currency for your recipient

To send a transfer in a different currency than usual to an existing recipient in your Business account, you'll need to add new currency account details for them.

  1. Go to the 'Transfers' section
  2. Go to 'Recipients' by clicking the people icon at the top of the screen
  3. Select a recipient
  4. Click 'Add new' and complete the recipient's account details for another currency

Supported recipient countries and currencies

When you're entering the recipient's details, you'll find all supported countries and currencies in the dropdown list. If you can't find a specific country or currency in the list, then we don't support it for sending transfers.

Who can send a bank transfer?

If you're not able to manage a recipient or send transfers, it's possible you don't have the permissions you need to manage or send transfers. Contact your Business account owner to see if they can amend this for you.