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What are the limits on outbound transfers?

All SWIFT transfers are unlimited. This includes other over the limit transfers and transfers in all other supported currencies not mentioned in this article.

US domestic wires are subject to the following limits:

  • 50k USD per US domestic wire transfer
  • 200k USD cumulative US domestic wire initiations per day (between 12:00am and 11:59pm ET)
  • ACH transfers have a value cap per transfer of 175k USD.
  • ACH transfers under 100k should be received within 24 hours, with a limit of up to 200k USD per day - once the limit is reached, the transfer will go as normal ACH with a timeframe of 3 working days.

Limits mentioned above can't be increased. You're also limited by your account balance. There is no minimum limit. Find out about our transfer fees here. If any you have any issues with a specific currency/country transfer, please reach out to our support team.