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How do I send a US domestic wire transfer from my Revolut Business account?

Here's how to send a wire transfer in the Revolut Business app:

  1. Go to the Home screen of the mobile or web app > tap 'Send'
  2. Choose a counterparty from your list or select 'New' in the top-right corner if they aren't listed
  3. Fill out all the fields and follow the prompts to create a new recipient, then select them from your list of counterparties to initiate a wire payment
  4. Enter the amount and any reference information
  5. Click 'Continue' to submit the payment
  6. Once confirmed, we'll submit your payment for processing

You need to choose 'Wire Routing Number' as a Routing Number type. Make sure your beneficiary provides you with the correct wire routing and account numbers.

Here are a few things to note:

  • US domestic wire transfers are processed the same business day or the next business day (not processed on weekends or holidays)
  • Once your wire is complete, the transaction status of your payment will show as 'Completed'
  • There are no limits for incoming US domestic wires. The limit for Fedwire outbound transfers is 50k USD per transfer and 200k USD per day
  • To send or receive a US domestic wire transfer costs 10 USD for all customers despite your plan allowances
  • US Domestic wires cannot be cancelled once initiated. If you suspect that you are a victim of wire fraud, please raise a support request