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What does physical presence mean?

Physical presence in the USA is an essential prerequisite for opening a Revolut account in the relevant region.

This prerequisite involves:

For business incorporated in the USA, these requisites need to be met:

  • The applicant needs to reside in the USA
  • One controlling officer/director of the business needs to reside in the USA
  • The business needs to be registered in the US (only applicable for registered businesses)
  • The operating address of the business needs to be an address in the USA

In certain cases, Revolut might request from you documents to proof the fulfilment of any of the requisites above. If that is the case, in your application menu you will receive detailed instructions on what additional documents we need from you and you will be able to upload such documents directly in such application menu.

If you are not able to bypass this section on your application, feel free to check with our support.

In case you need to update your address, raise a request here for us to change it.

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