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My flight was cancelled and I received a voucher from the airline. How does that impact my claim?

If a common carrier provides a voucher towards another trip as a form of refund for a cancellation, no payment will be made on your claim since this insurance only reimburses covered non-refundable travel expenses. In this scenario, the voucher served as the refund.

If the voucher issued by the airline expires and/or is never used, your claim may be payable if all other terms and conditions are met.

If you're charged a fee associated with changing or cancelling your airline ticket, you may be eligible for reimbursement of that fee at the time of loss if your claim meets all terms and conditions.

If the flight is non-refundable, you'll need to provide verification of whether there's an available credit for future travel. Some airlines provide credits instead of refunds, which typically have an expiration date. Once the credit expires, please send proof, so we can continue processing your claim.

For more information, including the full list of covered and uncovered sceneries, refer to the policy wording in Insurance -> Travel insurance -> All documents.